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Get access to Presales Talent

PreSales Academy connects you to motivated candidates from diverse backgrounds who've gone through rigorous training – helping you build a better presales team, faster.

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No fees to access or hire!

Reduce your Hiring Risk
PSA hires have a 99% success rate
Improve Diversity
Our graduates are 2x more diverse as the avg. presales team​
Find Talent Faster
Access a large community of professionals—with dozens of new graduates every month.

Companies hiring PSA Grads

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Diversity (main page)

Training and coaching by experienced presales leaders

Our instructors are experienced leaders who have built presales teams at top tech companies like Salesforce, Outreach, Redhat, Adobe, Appian, and many others.

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The data* shows: Diverse teams outperform

Recruit the same people, get the same results. PreSales Academy grads are, by nature of our active inclusion efforts, more diverse. These candidates excel in their skill and also bring unique perspective and tenacity to your team.

* Source: McKinsey & Company

" The value of having PSA graduates who are vetted and consistently trained in discovery, presenting, value messaging, significantly accelerates our time to onboard new SCs. They jump in and are ready to hit the ground running. "

Deirdre Sommerkamp.jpeg

Deirdre Sommerkamp

VP Solutions Consulting, 

Operations, Enablement

Andrew Evangelos.jpeg

Andy Evangelos

Director Sales Engineering,

North America


Both candidates that we hired have been with us about a year and are doing great!

Hiring from the PreSales Academy helped us minimize the risk in bringing in new presales talent.  "

" The PreSales Academy has earned a lot of respect from me. The graduate we hired is ramping faster than expected, with an above average skillset on harder to learn topics like the art of a discovery. "


Sonu Sahi

PreSales Leader,



PSA. Graduates are...



  • 100+ Hours over 10+ Weeks

  • 7 Roleplays (personas)

  • Focus on developing competency



  • Experienced Presales coaches

  • Extensive support system

  • Assigned Coach, Mentor, Advisor



  • Competitive admissions

  • Strict graduation requirements

  • High standard of professionalism

Presales Topics

Presales Role Overview

Sales Process


Demo & Presentation
Value Based Selling

Tech Validation & Integration

Foundational Tech
Deal & Meeting Preparation


Interested in forming a partnership with PSA that goes beyond hiring?

Fill out our Employer Interest form or email to connect with our staff on other partner opportunities.

We have worked with companies to create special events, guest speaker opportunities and more with our graduates!

Become a employer partner

Get access to highly qualified candidates.

Improve time-to-selling

Quickly scale your team by hiring candidates with fundamental PreSales knowledge and skills

Reduce your hiring risk

Screen our trained and fully vetted candidates – PSA hires have a 99% success rate

Improve Diversity, Improve Performance

Our graduates are 2x more diverse as the avg. presales team

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PreSales Foundations
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