Frequently Asked Questions

By Employers

Is PreSales Academy a recruiting agency?

No, we’re a professional training academy focused on workforce reskilling that can serve as a pipeline to supply you with trained Sales Engineers.

How much does it cost my company to partner with PreSales Academy?

It’s free to become a Partner. It’s also free to receive a curated list of our top candidates – and for you to interview them. For any member you choose to hire, just pay a nominal flat fee within 14 days of the candidate’s start date.

What benefits do I gain as a PreSales Academy Partner?

A partnership:

  • Allows us to gain in-depth knowledge of your team and its needs
  • Directly connects you with our available top-graded Sales Engineers
  • ‍Saves you time lost hunting for and interviewing SE candidates
  • Provides a 60-day guarantee of member success
  • Verification of candidate’s participation and scoring in the program

What’s the process?

Connect: As a PSA partner, we'll work with you to understand how your PreSales team functions, so we can build a list of candidates most likely to succeed at your company.

Receive Curated Candidates: Next, you’ll receive a list of top candidates for you to request interviews with. Once you have submitted your requests, we’ll introduce each candidate to you via email.

Interview: Take our candidates through your standard interview process. Feel free to move them ahead as quickly as you’d like. Our candidates are excited about your specific company and culture, which makes for a productive and promising interviewing process.

Hire: Make offers to the candidates you choose. Pay a simple percentage of starting salary per hire. And, if they don't stay on for 60 days, we will help you replace them or we will refund you.

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