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What is Presales?

(a.k.a. Sales Engineering / Solutions Consulting)

Presales is a sales function that typically exists in business-to-business (B2B) technology sales. Presales Consultants (a.k.a. Sales Engineers or Solutions Consultant) work alongside Sales Representatives (a.k.a. Account Executives) and are responsible for facilitating the technical aspects of the sales process. 

Are you a fit for Presales?

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You are if you enjoy any of the following...

  • Being hands-on with technology

  • Solving problems using technology

  • Meeting new people

  • Collaborating and winning as a team

  • Conducting presentations

Presales related job titles include:

  • Sales Engineer

  • Solutions Engineer

  • Sales Consultant

  • Solutions Consultant

  • Presales Consultant

  • Value Engineer

  • Product Consultant

  • and many others...

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What do Presales Consultants actually do?

Product demonstrations


Uncover business problems

Find solutions with technology

No cold calling

No negotiating

No coding (*most jobs)

What else?

  • Technical Discovery/Scoping understanding customer challenges and requirements

  • Product Demos - demonstration of the product or solution you are selling

  • Technical Validation - guide your customer through a pilot or proof-of-concept of your product

  • Product Feedback - collaborate with internal Product and Engineering teams to influence product innovation

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