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Your dream job in tech starts now!

PSA. teaches you everything you need to know to be job ready with our 10-week online program.

Welcome to PreSales Academy.

The best way to start a career in PreSales

  • 10 week intensive program

  • Live instruction, group, and self-paced activities

  • Fast-tracked hiring with partner companies

  • Certificate of completion

Applications are open for the next Cohort beginning on January 10, 2022!

Ready to Launch Your PreSales Career?

Why PreSales?

PreSales is the best part of Tech Sales...

No cold calling or negotiating

High variety of activities & experiences

High impact & high reward

Hands-on technology

Your career possibilities are vast and the pay is great


avg. starting compensation*


avg. compensation 1-5 years exp*

PreSales is the best- kept-secret in tech, PSA will get you there

It's life changing.

PSA grads will start rewarding careers at great companies. The average full-time offer from companies on our platform is $90,000.

You'll always be in demand

As tech continues to bring new services and digital products to market, PreSales roles remain essential for businesses. Despite crises, tech sales teams are still demanding talent to drive business outcomes.

You'll gain highly transferrable skills

Technical sales is about being empathetic, persuasive, resilient, curious, and connecting confidently with others. These skills provide you with endless career opportunities.

  • Effective Communication

  • Project Management

  • Relationship-Building

  • Agile Organization

  • Reliability

  • Efficiency

  • Problem-Solving


The PSA. Experience

Fits into your life

Learn remotely, part time. Class is held online in a virtual classroom with your instructors and fellow learners. You don't have to stop your life, you just need to dedicate time to learn.

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More than a training: a supportive community

You're never alone, even after you're hired. Gain access to learning opportunities. Participate in group learning, practice sales techniques, and get honest feedback.

Low risk program

You have the option to pay $0 tuition until you have a job earning $70,000 or more. We have flexible payment options that are aimed at helping you launch your PreSales career debt-free.

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Working at the Office

We give you the support you need to land the job you want

Community Support

You'll be integrated into our community that will help you throughout your career in PreSales. You'll meet experienced PreSales professionals and network with PreSales leaders at the top companies.

Precise Preparation

We'll help you polish your resume and prepare you – giving you the best possible chance of acing your interview. 

Fast Track to Hiring Managers

We have a large network of partner companies and hiring managers ready to hire our graduates.


Get Started

Applications are open for the next Cohort beginning on January 10, 2022!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is PreSales Academy for?

  • Anyone fitting the criteria below who's looking to break into a career in technology and wants to give themselves the highest possible chance of landing a PreSales position within 3-4 months
    • Available to work in the United States
    • English speaking
    • At least 18 years old
    • 2+ years of work experience is helpful (not required)
    • Ready to study 10 hours/week for 10 weeks and find a job in 3-5 months
  • If you’re hard working, passionate about technology, and dedicated to growing your career then you’re probably a fit for our program.

How much effort is involved? How will I learn?

  • ~100 hours of effort across 10 weeks
  • You’ll learn in the following ways:
    • Live instruction
    • Self-paced activities (worksheets, quizzes, reading)
    • Recordings and Roleplays (various sales scenarios)
    • Discussion with cohort peers and community members
    • Coaching and feedback from instructors and community members

What will I get out of this program?

  • Relevant skills and knowledge to successfully launch your career in PreSales
  • High potential for job placement with a partner company
  • Certificate of program completion

What's the cost?

You no longer need to choose between tuition and living expenses. At PreSales Academy we are committed to breaking the barriers that in the past made starting a new career seem almost impossible. As your career partners, we offer you the option to waive the program tuition until you get a high-paying job in tech.
You have two tuition options. You may either pay upfront tuition, or deferred tuition in installments after graduating the program (Deferred Tuition Agreement). These amounts may differ due to state regulations (see below).

  • Upfront tuition option: $6,000 this amount is due either entirely upfront upon enrolling in the program, or in two installments in the first and sixth week of the course. This option is non-refundable.
  • Deferred Tuition Agreement option: $10,000, due in 12 monthly installments of $833.33 (alternate payment plans may be available). You only make payments if you are earning $70,000/yr or more — your income is regularly verified. Eligibility for this option may be subject to conditions of the Job Search Agreement after enrolling in PreSales Academy. With the Deferred Tuition Agreement option a commitment fee of $200 is due prior to beginning the program.

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