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Meet Mattie Stremic, Head of Programming for PreSales Academy

We are excited to announce that Mattie Stremic has joined the PreSales Academy (PSA) team as Head of Programming!

In this role, Mattie’s goals are to refine program offerings to foster greater community and accommodate more students, work on recruitment efforts to attract diverse candidates, and ensure we scale resources and support as we grow.

“My vision for the PSA is to positively impact more people and bring more professionals into the job market and PSC community through the PSA. I know I would never have considered transitioning from HR into tech if I didn’t have a LOT of support and encouragement. It’s also not uncommon for professionals to stumble into PreSales roles and lack the support and resources they need to flourish. The PSA ensures that professionals making a huge career change (like I did) have the resources and time to develop the competencies needed to be successful.”

Mattie joins PSA after over two years at ClarisHealth, where she started as a Training & Development Specialist, moved into HR as a Program Manager, then made the switch to becoming a solutions consultant. She has a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Middle Tennessee State University, where she studied workplace behavior, employee engagement, and more. She is passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion within the workplace; she previously launched ClarisHealth’s DE&I initiative and co-led a women in leadership group.

Mattie’s interest and excitement for PreSales brought her to participate as a student as well as volunteer with PSA for its inaugural cohort. She quickly saw the program’s potential and wanted to get involved on a long-term basis.

“I wanted to join the PSA because of the people and the opportunity to learn under James and Yuji’s leadership. I also firmly believe in the mission and vision of PSA: to create a more diverse and inclusive future in tech. I made the transition into PreSales from a role in HR and it was probably one of the most difficult job transitions I’ve made.”

We are excited about the enthusiasm and creativity Mattie brings to PreSales Academy and know she will work tirelessly to make sure we are reaching PreSales professionals in the making and providing them with the tools and environment they need to succeed. The PSA mission is to make tech jobs accessible to people from all backgrounds for a more diverse and inclusive future, and Mattie’s role will see that we stay true to that mission.

“I am most excited about seeing our graduates land their dream jobs and realize the benefits and financial rewards available in this career. My hope is that five years from now, we’ve built an entire alumni network of sales engineers who become PSA mentors and get to share their success stories with new students.”

Mattie is based in Nashville, where she currently lives with her husband and three cats. She enjoys hiking in the area, practicing yoga, and traveling.

Get to know Mattie and welcome her aboard — connect with her on LinkedIn here.

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