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From Special Education Teacher to Assoc. Solutions Engineer

Graduate Highlight

Kelli Leeman (Cohort 1), a former Special Education Teacher, graduated from PreSales Academy in November 2021 and started in a Solutions Engineer position at SOCi. in January 2022! Learn more about her inspiring story below:

Tell us about yourself:

I’m a veteran special education teacher in the great state of North Dakota. I’ve worked in my position for over 7 years! I am Mama to 2 small humans who drive me crazy and I love endlessly. My husband of 9 years is also in PreSales! We’ve traveled a few places, but our goal is to go to Greece and Italy in the next couple years. I am a violinist, a needlepoint enthusiast (ask me about my #grandmatendencies), and a French speaker. I love to feed people and take naps!

What made you want to get into PreSales?

I’ve watched my husband work and seen what he’s able to do to help people. He’s great at his job, and he gets immense satisfaction from it. I wanted that same satisfaction in my job, so I looked into it and was hooked. I love teaching, and PreSales is a lot of teaching. I love watching people get excited about something new. As a special education teacher, I’m always presenting “solutions” to students to help them succeed. This is just a pivot from what I do already.

Why did you choose PreSales Academy?

PreSales Academy gave me the accountability that I had personally lacked in other job pursuits. I was happy to have a friendly competition with my peers. The rigor expected from me brought about good work ethic and grit. It wasn’t easy, but I never expected it would be.

What would you recommend to someone considering the PSA?

Be ready to work hard, and be ready to be stretched. You’ll be uncomfortable, but it’s a good thing and designed to make you grow. I’m thrilled to have lifelong friends and great professional connections because of PSA.

How did PSA help you in ultimately landing a PreSales job?

My coach, Sergio, had a connection with SOCi. He suggested I look into working with SOCi and did a warm intro for me when I did apply. Connections are everything, and that’s what PSA promised (and followed through on!).

Anything else to add about your experience with the program?

I loved my time with PSA! I learned a ton about myself and others.

Where do you work now?

I will be starting my job with SOCi on January 17! I’m excited to be valued in my position, show others what I can do in the way of teaching, and be recognized for my hard work. I have a ton to contribute! I’m thrilled to have a seat at “the table”!

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