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Day in the Life of a Solutions Consultant What skills do you use as a Solutions Consultant?

If you are looking for a dynamic role that directly impacts change for an organization, a Solutions Consultant, also known as a PreSales Consultant, may be the perfect title for you. Responsible for supporting sales efforts for a product or service, this role is often the one that gets to the core of what a company needs in a product, making it one of the most influential in the sales process.

The heart of the title is in the name- providing solutions. Using communications, collaborative efforts, problem-solving, and general curiosity about the industry you are in, you can leverage your skills to make a positive impact in the Solutions Consultant role. Below, we will explain how each of these skills can help you transition to a new career in the world of tech.

Collaboration and Problem Solving

Working with other members of the technical and sales team is crucial for a PreSales role. Researching, and further understanding how the product or service impacts clients is vital to successfully sell. From attending brainstorming meetings to updating team members on project and client updates, a PreSales Consultant is deeply integrated into the framework of the sales team and process. Additionally, being organized and using time management skills helps this role be able to create an effective game plan for the day.

Communication and Client Needs

This pivotal client-facing role requires a high level of communications skills. A PreSales Consultant regularly interacts with clients to better understand their needs, wants, and ways the product or service they are selling can improve the overall experience. This requires being able to effectively explain the benefits of what they are offering, and how the end user can improve their business process by joining forces with the PreSales Consultant and their team.


Demonstrations and live trainings help clients better understand how the technology works and can fit into their world. As a PreSales Consultant, it is your job to effectively clarify the ins and outs of the technology, guiding your client through the journey and conveying the value of the company. Not only does this require a deep understanding of the product, but it also takes presentation skills, and clear communication to make your demonstration impactful.

There are several ways to leverage your current skills into a successful career in PreSales. This role fills the gaps between client needs and the company’s offers, translating technical products into solutions that aid in business needs.

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