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Cohort #1 has Graduated! (and have job offers!)

It is with great pleasure that I can announce our first-ever PreSales Academy graduating class! Congratulations!

I am incredibly proud of these individuals who committed to the PSA program and worked tirelessly toward learning a completely new trade. Now, all their hard work is paying off!

It's been less than a month since the cohort finished and most of our graduates have already accepted job offers!

These individuals came from a wide range of backgrounds including a former restaurant manager, high school teacher, medical professional, and construction project manager. Many of them had a tremendous gap in skills and knowledge to gain to land a PreSales job. Yet, they dared to make a change in their lives and took the step in joining PreSales Academy. They put in the work, improved their skills, expanded their knowledge, and are now on a career path that will provide them with ample opportunity.

So, what did the graduates get out of the PreSales Academy program?

#1 Competency

PSA provides the fundamentals skills and knowledge needed to be a Sales Engineer. We take it a step further by developing competency in conducting discovery and performing product demos – both critical for Sales Engineers. We do this through conducting numerous one-on-one roleplays with Coaches, who are experienced Sales Engineers themselves. Participants see their growth from each roleplay giving them confidence to nail their interviews!

“The roleplays were excellent sources of practice and built my skills for learning how to demo effectively as well as efficiently. Having a coach give you immediate feedback afterwards and being able to improve each roleplay was rewarding because I was able to see myself grow from the very first demo I gave, to the final one. Now I can confidently go into interview demos for job interviews and apply what I know!” - Recent Graduate

#2 Network

Competency is important, but if you’re looking to make a career change we can’t understate the value of Network (who you know and who they know). It’s incredibly hard to get a job at a company without a connection or an endorsement from someone who works there. PreSales Academy provides mentors, coaches, and connections that foster a support system for graduates to help them navigate their career transition.

"Connections and network are something I did not expect coming into PreSales Academy but it has been the biggest benefit because it puts you out there as a person who has gone through the Academy, and is ready to hop into a role as an SE, making us stand out from other candidates.” - Recent Graduate

(Career Advisors act as Mentors, Coaches, and Instructors)

A big thank you to our amazing Career Advisors (aka volunteers) who have supported this cohort over the past few months!

And that’s a wrap for Cohort #1!

Stay tuned - we'll share more about our graduate’s journeys once they start their jobs as newly minted SEs.

Next up is Cohort #2 beginning in January 2022!

As Co-Founder of PreSales Collective and PreSales Academy, Yuji is on a mission to help people succeed in a career that they love. In the past, he's contributed to the rapid growth of two successful startups (Apptio and Outreach) through helping build their professional services and PreSales functions. Prior to startup-land, he started his career in management consulting at Deloitte Consulting. Connect with Yuji on LinkedIn.


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